What does it mean to be BAREFOOT STRONG?

As a Doctor one of my favorite aspects of my job is educating and empowering patients to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

Most patient complaints could have been prevented if they had a little deeper understanding of the way the body moves, how forces are transferred through the body and the importance of soft tissue recovery.

As a means to further spread the message of foot health and my approach to patient rehab I have decided to compile all my blog posts, webinars and workshop content into a book designed with the wellness professional and patient in mind.

I have decided to write a book that shares the power of natural movement and innate loading responses through barefoot science.   Through this book and through my teachings it is my goal to teach the world how to become BAREFOOT STRONG.

feetAs I began outlining the underlying message of the book, I started to question the meaning of “barefoot strong”?   As I looked down at the myriad of research articles, notes and sample chapters I began to see the deeper meaning of BAREFOOT STRONG and what these words meant to me.

I began to see that BAREFOOT STRONG means so much more than simply working out sans footwear.

To truly become BAREFOOT STRONG, I believe that one must:

  • Accept that the neuromuscular system is a deeply integrated network of joints, fascia, muscles and nerves which work together like a symphony providing the beauty we call human movement
  • Respect the foot as a kinematic structure serving as the foundation to all closed chain movements
  • Appreciate the sensitivity of the plantar proprioceptors and their role in maintaining balance, perceiving impact forces and stabilizing the lumbopelvic hip complex for human locomotion
  • Refuse to allow the continuous damping of neuromuscular input due to footwear and unnecessary orthotics but rather welcome the proprioceptive input from the ground on which we stand.

So what does BAREFOOT STRONG mean to you?

I’m curious to hear your perspective and look forward to sharing my book with the world in early 2015!

Stay barefoot strong!

Dr Emily

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