8 Week Advanced Foot Mentorship

with Dr Emily Splichal

May 4 - Aug 10

Are you ready to truly understand how to approach the complex foot conditions that you are presented with?

Join Dr Emily for this 8 Week Mentorship that includes a deep dive into functional podiatry concepts supported by case studies and literature reviews.

Get inside the mind of Dr Splichal and how she approaches her patients from a functional podiatry and integrated perspective. Learn how she approaches the different types of flat feet, structural changes, nerve injuries plus more.

Week 1 (May 4) – Arch Height vs. Foot Types

- Ligament laxity in the rearfoot
- Anterior cavus foot
- The neurological high arch
- When orthotics actually make sense

Week 2 (May 18) - Patient Case Studies & Literature Review

Week 3 (June 1) – Tendon & Ligament Injuries

- Post tibial tendon tears - what does it mean?
- High ankle sprains
- Snapping peroneals
- Plantar plate injuries

Week 4 (June 15) - Patient Case Studies & Literature Review

Week 5 (June 29) – From Bunions to Hammertoes

- Hallux limitus vs rigidus
- When bunion surgery makes sense
- 2nd MPJ dysfunction
- Neuroma guidelines

Week 6 (July 13) – Patient Case Studies & Literature Review

Week 7 (July 27) – Neuropathies & Nerve Dysfunctions

- Different types of neuropathy
- Raynaud's and micro-circulatory conditions
- Approaching foot drop
- Muscle testing in the foot & ankle

Week 8 (Aug 10) – Patient Case Studies & Literature Review

All meetings are 90 minutes in length and will be recorded. Opportunities to ask questions an truly understand your advanced foot questions.

Got a good background in foot function and programming? This will test your understanding of foot condition and programming.

Are you a podiatrist? Then get a fresh perspective on functional podiatry and how to take an integrated approach with patients.

Early Bird Registration $350
(through 4/4/23)

Regular Registration $500


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