Barefoot Training Summit Presenter Spotlight – Dr Perry Nickelston, Stop Chasing Pain

PerryWe are fast approaching the first-ever Barefoot Training Summit coming to INDIA this March 2015!   As we amp up for what’s going to be an amazing event –  we wanted to take a few minutes to speak with some of our presenters!

In this week’s Presenter Spotlight we sit down with Stop Chasing Pain Founder – Dr Perry Nickelston from the USA.

Hi Doc!  We are very excited to have you present at the Barefoot Training Summit in Delhi, India.   What can attendees expect to learn from your sessions?

Thank you very much. It’s an honor for me to be part of the event.

What can [attendees] expect to learn? How simple cross body patterning movements can completely change the way you feel.  We will be concentrating on the ‘Vital Few’ movements which will carry over to all the other movements.

A lot of people lately seem to be talking about primal movement.   How is your Primal Rehab Chains different from other programs?

Primal means basic and fundamental.

Some of the principles I teach are the same as other professionals, but let’s face it, nobody invented movement.

It belongs to everyone. What I integrate into my program is a lot of information about the brain and how we learn. Once you know how the brain learns you can change the way you move!

That is so true about the brain and understanding how we learn.   Very powerful.    So I can’t but help notice you are doing a lot more presenting and movement barefoot!  How are you barefoot strong?

Haha. That’s easy. I just learned from you!

Lol – thanks Doc!   It truly is an honor having you join us the Barefoot Training Summit.   I know all attendees are going to love your passion for movement and teaching.   They can surely expect many Dr Perry knowledge bombs!

Want to check out Dr Perry’s work before joining him at the Barefoot Training Summit?   See below!


Join Dr Perry Nickelston at the India Barefoot Training Summit this 13 – 15, March, 2015

Friday 13, March 2015  |   11am – 1215pm  |   Primal Activation for Power

Saturday 14, March 2015  |  1pm – 215pm   |  Baby Get Up

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