USA Barefoot Training Summit Featured Presenter – Loren Landow

LandowWe are just 3 weeks away from the first-ever Barefoot Training Summit this May 15 – 17 at Project MOVE in Littleton, CO.   I am very excited to introduce another one of our great presenters who will be sharing barefoot training drills and science at this unique three day event.

Meet Loren Landow the Director of Performance at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Denver, CO.   I first heard about Loren Landow when he was presenting barefoot science at the NSCA National Conference in Las Vegas.    As a barefoot educator I knew I had to meet this man!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. We are very excited to have you as part of the first-ever Barefoot Training Summit presenter line-up. Can you tell readers a little bit about your background and how you currently use barefoot training in your practice?

My background has been learning applying practices to maximize efficiency. The foot is the most assumed and misunderstood structure in the body- highly neglected area but the area that if not provided attention will have a trickle down of issues to other joints.   My line of clientele are high performing athletes that must be armed with the most efficient strategies. How we load the foot in action in shoe wear and subsequently how we remove the shoes increases sensory feedback while making the structure more resilient to force.

Very well said and couldn’t agree more!  As a professional who currently integrates barefoot principles into their athletes programming what do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions around barefoot training for shod athletes? How would you answer a coach or trainer that says “my athlete competes in shoes why would he / she ever train barefoot”?

There is a lot of misconception of barefoot meaning just kicking off the shoes and going for a run.   Barefoot training must be micro progressed from activation patterns in open chain to integration in closed chain.  It must also include initial static loads and then increase amplitude to bilateral movements and multi plane changes with eccentric control being the backbone of rearfoot- midfoot- forefoot resilience.

What can attendees of the Barefoot Training Summit expect to learn from your sessions?

I use barefoot training as cool downs, low amplitude plyos and bilateral and unilateral strength work.   Attendees will learn how I integrate these concepts but most importantly how it all must be micro progressed!

To learn more about Loren Landow check out this great video of Loren talking about the mental component of training high performance athletes.


the hear his insightful lectures at the Barefoot Training Summit this May 15 – 17 in Littleton, CO please check out 

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