EBFA Master INstructor CAmp

COST: $300.00 USD

The EBFA Master Instructor (MI) Team is made up of highly qualified, passionate instructor instructors with extensive health and fitness industry experience.

This 2 day intensive Master Instructor Program is unique to any other training or Certification you have attended. By integrating the concept of from the ground up programming, we guarantee after these 2 days that you will not look at human movement the same!

You will be trained & qualified to teach our barefoot education including Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1 and BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 1 making you a true leader in barefoot training!


Upcoming MI Camp

January 11 - 13, 2019 - Phoenix, Arizona


Barefoot training has gone from being a trend to having solid evidence behind the benefits of activating and integrating the feet throughout training and rehab programs.

We are proud to say that EBFA and our Team of Master Instructors have played a *key* role in this growth and the expansion of the benefits of barefoot training.

Throughout 2018 we are looking to expand our outreach and further build the awareness of barefoot science in
fitness | performance | rehab.

What will be covered in the EBFA Mi training camp?

  • The future of barefoot research and integration with clients and athletes
  • Advanced fascial fitness workout and science with StickMobility
  • Neuroscience and the Somatosensory System
  • Whole body vibration powered by PowerPlate
  • Naboso Technology introduction and workout
  • Interoception and the emotional side of fascial fitness
  • plus more

Do you want to join a team of leaders in Barefoot Education?

As the first and only fitness education company that focuses on programming From the Ground Up™, EBFA has become the leader in barefoot education globally!

Started in 2012 by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal, EBFA was her way of sharing with the industry her passion for both medicine and movement. With Dr Splichal's unique educational background and insight into human movement as it relates to the foot and ankle and barefoot science, EBFA quickly became recognized for our evidence-based barefoot training programming including: 

  • Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification Level 1, 2 & 3
  • BARE® Workout Instructor Training
  • BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Certification Level 1 & 2

REquirements for becoming an EBFA Master Instructor:

  1.  Candidate must hold a current, Nationally-Accredited (NCAA) Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Certification such as ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA or hold an advanced degree such as BS, ATC, LMT, MS, DPT, DC, DPM, MD
  2. Candidate must be at least a Level 1 Certified Barefoot Training Specialists® or BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist under EBFA Global
  3. Candidate must be fluent in English, but upon successful completion of the EBFA MI Program, courses can be taught in native language. EBFA will assist in the translation of all EBFA manuals, powerpoints and supplementary educational materials.
  4. Although prior teaching experience is not required, EBFA MI must demonstrate proficiency in public speaking and must embody the passion for the foot and ankle, barefoot science and human movement.

Upon successful completion of the EBFA MI program, the MI will join a team of like-minded, passionate professionals who are ready to change the way the fitness industry looks at human movement, injury prevention and athletic performance - From the Ground Up™!

Want to become an EBFA Master Instructor? Email education@ebfafitness.com.