Mimicking Movement to Improve Leg Circulation

Walking, often thought of as a means to get from point A to point B, is actually a necessary part of how our body maintains a healthy circulatory system.    With every step we take, the combination of ankle movements with calf muscle contractions, pump the blood from our feet back up to our heart. 

If we are unable to walk or must limit our walking due to disease or weakness, this circulatory pump from our feet is not activated.   The result is swelling, poor blood flow and pain in the lower legs and feet.   

To date, most patients are given compression stockings or referred to physical therapy, however now there is an option that is safe, effective and can be done from the comfort of one’s home – the Revitive Circulation Booster.  

How Does Revitive Work

Revitive is an FDA-cleared medical device that uses Neuromusclar Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to deliver electrical impulses to the leg muscles through the feet.    These electrical impulses cause the foot and calf muscles to contract creating movement at the ankle and activates the calf pump, both of which mimic the natural movements of walking.

The NMES technology found in Revitive has been shown to significantly improve swelling and pain, as well as increase arterial and venous blood flow in several clinical trials.   Revitive is clinically proven to increase leg circulation in both healthy people as well as those with conditions associated with poor blood flow in the legs and feet.  

When to Use Revitive 

Just like it is recommended to walk and move every day, Revitive should be integrated into your daily routine and considered part of a healthy lifestyle.    Recommended duration is 30 minutes a day, every day, with consistent use demonstrating the best results. 

Due to the unique rocker design of the Revitive device, your daily NMES stimulation can be done in a seated position and while relaxing, watching tv or reading a book.    Simply place your bare feet on top of the device, select your level of stimulation and set the timer to 30 minutes.   

What to Expect with Revitive

Like all therapies, consistency in use is a necessary part of the success of Revitive.   When used daily over a 6 week period, patients reported improved walking distances, blood flow and quality of life.   

Although results may vary, many patients respond positively and find the NMES to be comfortable, easy to use and safe, with a reported 94.6% compliance rate with no reported adverse events. 

To learn more about Revitive and to determine if NMES is an appropriate treatment option for you please speak to your healthcare provider or visit www.revitive.com

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