"As the only contact point between the body and the ground the human foot plays a critical role in the way the body anticipates and reacts during every closed chain movement."

- Dr Emily Splichal


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Welcome to EBFA Global

EBFA Global (formerly known as EBFA Fitness) an education company that is dedicated to changing lives through science of neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence, proprioceptive training and fascial integration.

Through our Certifications and Continuing Education we have taught over 20,000 professionals worldwide about the power of proprioception and sensory sequencing as it relates to movement disfunction, chronic pain and movement longevity.

If you are looking for a hollistic, integrated approach to human movement and one that challenges conventional thought and medicine then your journey starts here. With workshops online and in over 30 countries and translated into 12 languages we are here to help you impact lives from the ground up!

Brain. Breath. Barefoot.


Certifications & Continuing Education

EBFA Global offers three different certifications and a wide range of continuing education courses - all of which are targeted towards fitness, performance and rehab.

From health professionals to movement specialists, all professionals will benefit from our certifications and continuing education. Professionals can feel confident knowing that all of EBFA's education is based on the latest research, innovative concepts and with an integrated approach.