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barefoot balance training

The only contact point between the body and the ground is the foot - or more specifically the plantar foot. This course will explore the benefits of barefoot science combined with balance training as one of the most effective means for building foot strength, knee alignment and lumbopelvic hip stability. Learn how the plantar foot is the critical step in achieving proximal stability for distal mobility and how the human body is designed to move from the ground up. Are you barefoot strong? 

ACSM 3.0            AEA 3.0
ATRI 3.0              NASM 0.3
NCSF 1.5            NFPT 0.5
NSPA 3.0            YMCA 3.0

Price: $49.95 USD


Biomechanics of Lower Back Pain

ACSM 4.0
AEA 3.0
ATRI 3.0
NASM 0.4
NCSF 1.5
NFPT 0.5
NSPA 4.0
YMCA 4.0

Almost 80% of American adults will suffer low back pain at some point. Interestingly, 70-80% of LBP is associated with musculoskeletal imbalances and improper core activation during everyday movement. Join us as we take a look at the latest research on the biomechanics of low back pain. From the hip to the foot, you will be suprised by how many different imbalances attribute to low back pain. Help your clients get their bodies back in balance and move pain free! Earn CEC's: ASCM, NASM, NFPT plus more!

Investment Price: $59.95 USD


Functional Foot & Ankle LEvel 1

ACSM 3.0
AEA 3.0
ATRI 3.0
NASM 0.3
NCSF 1.5
NFPT 0.5
NSPA 3.0
YMCA 3.0

The organized actions of the foot and ankle complex is often overlooked and misunderstood in the fitness industry. This adaptive lever plays a role in every upright action from human locomotion to squats and lunges. With the advancement of the fitness industry and expanding role of the fitness professional there is greater likelihood of encountering a client with foot pathology or foot compensations. To maintain competitive among your colleagues and achieve the greatest results with your clients it is imperative to gain an understanding of the role the foot and ankle play in creating and modifying fitness grograms.

Investment Price: $49.95 USD