EBFA Year in Review 2014

Very special Happy New Year to all the health and fitness professionals and affiliates who have attended an EBFA workshop, supported our barefoot education and/or integrated our from the ground up programming into their practice!    We would not be where we are at today without YOU!

As we say goodbye to yet another year I like to reflect on all the past year’s accomplishments and celebrate the highlights in EBFA’s continued mission to spread the power of barefoot science and from the ground up training!

Below are some of my proudest moments for EBFA throughout 2014:

EBFA Launches Education Partnerships throughout SE Asia 

FITMalaysia1In March 2014 EBFA conducted it’s first Master Instructor Training in Bangkok, Thailand.  This MI Training and the subsequent partnership with Fitness Innovations Thailand (FIT) and it’s affiliates throughout SE Asia has allowed EBFA to rapidly spread the science, guidelines and programming for safe and effective barefoot training.

EBFA and FIT proudly partner in barefoot education throughout China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

EBFA also has Education Partners throughout India, Japan and Korea


EBFA Welcomes Over 30 Master Instructors in Barefoot EducationMI Collage

In 2014 EBFA conducted three Master Instructor Training workshops both in Asia and the USA with attendees representing nine countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America.    After successful completion of the MI Training and examination process EBFA was able to recognize over 30 professionals as EBFA Master Instructors in Barefoot Education.

EBFA Master Instructors include Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Running Coaches, Strength Coaches and Fitness Professionals.

You can find MI conducted Barefoot Training Specialist courses throughout Asia, Canada and the USA.


EBFA Introduces Barefoot Education in the University Setting

As an advocate of higher education the introductiUWAon of EBFA’s Barefoot Education into a University setting is one of my proudest accomplishments for EBFA in 2014.   Being able to influence the next generation of health & fitness professionals is a powerful step towards changing the way the health & fitness industry looks at the foot & ankle, barefoot science and integrated movement.   In 2014 EBFA introduced it’s education at Bryan College in San Francisco, Georgia College, University of Massachusetts Boston and University of Western Australia in Perth.

EBFA continues to pursue the integration of barefoot education in a University setting in 2015!


BarefootGeorgiaEBFA Initiates Toe Spread Research Study

To hold true to our name “Evidence-Based” Fitness Academy, being able to conduct research is one of my visions for EBFA and for the advancement of barefoot science in health & fitness.  After finally achieving IRB approval EBFA was able to initiate our first official research study looking at the benefit of abductor strengthening on great toe alignment (hallux abduction angle) and sesamoid position after 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

This study is done through the collaboration of ToeSox and is 4 weeks underway.  Updates will be made in early 2015 so please stay tuned.

In addition, EBFA is collaborating on research conducted through Georgia College and their Performance Degree Program to evaluate the immediate effect of barefoot movement prep on vertical change, agility, change of direction.   We look forward to future research projects and collaborations in 2015!


Thank you again for all your continued support through 2014.   We are looking forward to a whirlwind 2015 as we continue to spread the power of barefoot science, host our first ever Barefoot Training Summit, launch our first book Barefoot Strong and introduce our first product!

Happy New Year – and remember to STAY BAREFOOT STRONG! 

Dr Emily Splichal & the EBFA Team

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