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Optimizing Brain Function with Sensory Stimulation

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

From cognitive development in children to neuroplasticity and the prevention of Alzheimer's, the awareness of brain function is at the forefront of medicine, education and even fitness!

Join Dr Emily Splichal for the 3-part webinar series that will take your understanding of the brain, sensory stimulation, concussions and human locomotion to the next level.

Part 1 : The Evolving Brain

Brainstem, limbic system, reticular activating system, motor cortex - just a few of the brain regions you will learn in this first session. Learn how each aspect of the brain has evolved from enhanced survival and cognitive function. How can we stimulate each aspect of the brain in our clients and offset the impacts of stress to coordinated cognitive processing?

Part 2 : Life is Sensory

Sensory is everything. From the moment of conception we begin to shape our relationship to sensory stimulation. From touch and sound to vision and vestibular, all aspects of the sensory systems set the foundation for learning and brain optimizing. Learn how to use movement to optimize learning and cognitive function in clients of all ages.

Part 3 : The Injured Brain

We are shaped and defined by our nervous system which is why brain optimization is critical to living the life we want. Learn how to use sensory stimulation to rehab the injured brain or to prevent brain injury. From Alzheimer's and dementia to concussions and the hypoxic brain, learn how sensory stimulation is essential in treatment and rehabilitation.

Investment Price: $125.00 USD

Includes recording and Powerpoint


Interoception the 8th Sense

Influencing Emotion with Motion

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

Imagine taking the concept of human movement or movement science to a level that you can actually influence your client's emotions.

Join me for this 3 part webinar series that will change your practice forever. From understanding the evolution of emotion to the power of mirroring on emotion.

Learn how to build a deeper meaning to mind body practice into your sessions and open a whole new pathway to help clients, patients and athletes tap into their primitive emotional system.

Video 1: Intro to Interoception, Interoceptive Awareness and the Anterior Insula Cortex
Video 2: Evolution of Emotions, Emotional Regulation and Re-Appraisal
Video 3: Movement, Mental States and Mirroring

Investment Price: $125.00 USD

Includes recording and Powerpoint

anti age.jpg

Biohack Your Body

Anti-Aging Secrets to Ensure Movement Longevity

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

4 Part webinar series | recorded version

Aging, an inevitable aspect of humanity that we cannot stop - however with advances in science there are now many daily rituals we can do which can dramatically slow down the again process.

Join Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist and (in training) fellow in Ant-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how we can "hack" our way to a younger self.
As a movement specialist her passion lies in the application of anti-aging science as it relates to movement longevity.

The topics covered in this 4 part series cannot be found packaged together as below. This information is invaluable to you, your family and your clients. Do not miss out!

Part 1: Collagen Crosslinks and the Fascial Fountain of Youth
Part 2: The Neurology of Aging and Motor control
Part 3: Inflammation, Friend or Foe?
Part 4: The Complete Movement Longevity Program

Investment Price: $160.00 USD

Includes recording and Powerpoint