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Biohack Your Body

Anti-Aging Secrets to Ensure Movement Longevity

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

Aging, an inevitable aspect of humanity that we cannot stop - however with advances in science there are now many daily rituals we can do which can dramatically slow down the again process.

Join Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist and (in training) fellow in Ant-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how we can "hack" our way to a younger self. As a movement specialist her passion lies in the application of anti-aging science as it relates to movement longevity.

The topics covered in this 4 part series cannot be found packaged together as below. This information is invaluable to you, your family and your clients. Do not miss out!

Part 1 : Collagen Crosslinks and the Fascial Fountain of Youth
Part 2 : The Neurology of Aging and Motor control
Part 3 : Inflammation, Friend or Foe?
Part 4 : The Complete Movement Longevity Program

Investment Price: $160.00 USD

Includes recording and Powerpoint


Feet, Fascia and Functional Movement

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

The dynamic control of functional movement is deeply integrated on the body's perception of the outside world.

Join me for this 3 part webinar series as we explore the latest research on how our feet, fascia and functional movement are even more integrated than we currently realize.

From fascial tensioning to fascial elasticity our fascia plays a role in how we perceive, store and transfer forces during dynamic movement. This webinar series will prepare you how to train your clients for more efficient and precise movement.

Video 1 : Fascial Tensioning and the Future of Proprioceptive Training

Learn how small nerve proprioceptive training and stimlation is the future of movement accuracy and performance training.

Video 2 : Fascial Elasticity and the Future of Energy Transfer

Learn how to effectively transfer forces through specific training of fascial elasticity and rhythmic loading via isometric movements.

Video 3 : Foot Function and Fascial Lines

Learn how the plantar foot layers are a fascinating fascial pathway of interconnecting fascial lines which are intended for optimal foot function and human performance.

Investment Price: $125.00 USD


The Future of Movement Longevity

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- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CES

This 4 part webinar series focuses on the concept of movement longevity and how we can apply concepts of barefoot science, collagen cross links and the neurology of aging into a program that ensures years of pain-free and efficient movement!

Video 1 : Understanding Impact Forces in a Shod Society

Learn the science behind impact forces and energy transfer and how shoes, surfaces and orthotics impede our ability to move efficiently. Learn tricks on how to optimize movement in the unnatural environment in which we exist!

Video 2 : The Collagen Crosslink Connection

As the building blocks to our fascia, tendons and ligaments, collagen health is a necessary part to movement efficiency. Learn how our body forms non-elastic cross links and simple which can be taken to protect or collagen health as we age.

Video 3 : Barefoot Baby Boomers & the Neurology of Aging

Although most of s focus on protecting our cognitive function as we age, the need to also protect or peripheral nerves is crucial for movement longevity. Learn the best ways to protect your peripheral nerves through diet, vitamin supplementation and barefoot science.

Video 4: A Movement Longevity Lifestyle

Put it all together in a comprehensive program that integrates barefoot activation, smart footwear, fascial fitness and vitamin supplementation.

Investment Price: $160.00 USD



Controlling Emotion with Motion

- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CE

Imagine taking the concept of human movement or movement science to a level that yo can actually influence your client's emotions.

Join me for this 3 part webinar series that will change your practice forever. From understanding the evolution of emotion to the power of mirroring on emotion.

Learn how to build a deeper meaning to Mind Body practice into your sessions and open a whole new pathway to help clients, patients and athletes tap into their primitive emotional system.

Video 1 : Intro to Interception, Body Brain Axis, Vagal Tone

Video 2 : Evolution of Emotions, Empathy, Flow and Superfluidity

Video 3 : Affective Embodiment, Dance Therapy and Interbodily Resonance

Investment Price: $125.00 USD


Movement from the Ground Up

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- With Dr Emily Splichal DPM MS CE

In this 4 part webinar series you will learn how barefoot science and foot activation are the foundation to faster stability and efficiency which translates to more functional movement.

Video 1 : Introduction to from the ground up training

Learn how to improve foot to core sequencing through co-activation patterns, joint coupling and myofascial integration.

Video 2 : Introduction to from the ground up functional movement

Learn how to assess the walking gait cycle to improve client programming and movement efficiency.

Video 3 : Introduction to from the ground up movement efficiency

Learn how to improve movement through faster deceleration, eccentric endurance and better energy storage.

Video 4 : Introduction to from the ground up programming

Learn through case studies in injury prevention, athletic performance and corrective exercise.

Investment Price: $160.00 USD