EBFA Hosts First-Ever Barefoot Training Summit in 2015



Top International Presenters to convene in Delhi March 2015

NYC-based health & fitness education company to host the first-ever conference dedicated to the advancement of barefoot science, movement efficiency and from the ground up training.   Joined by top International presenters from the USA, UK, Spain and Hong Kong, EBFA Fitness is the first global company to take the concept of “barefoot” beyond running and apply these techniques to fitness, performance and rehab.

The Barefoot Training Summit is set for 13 – 15, March 2015 at the beautiful Anya Hotel in Gurgaon, India.   Conveniently located near the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, EBFA Fitness CEO Dr Emily Splichal is expecting to attract delegates from all over SE Asia.

“Over the past several years I’ve seen a paradigm shift in the industry towards the importance of the (bare)foot in fitness and rehab.   It is very exciting to see coaches now warming up their athletes barefoot or therapists activating the foot before initiating patient rehab” Splichal proudly states.

“The Barefoot Training Summit is our way to continue to spread the power of barefoot science and take the word “barefoot” to mean much more than running!”

About EBFA Fitness

Founded in 2012 by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal, EBFA is a global continuing education institute created to provide scientific and research-based curriculum for health and fitness professionals with a focus on foot fitness and barefoot training.   Their barefoot programs are now in over 15 countries and translated to 8 languages.

To learn more visit www.ebfafitness.com or www.barefoottrainingsummit.com or email us at education@ebfafitness.com


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