COST: $299.00 USD

8 hour Instructor Training

Includes manual, Barefoot Strong Book and Examination

ACE 0.8
AFAA 8.0
NASM 0.8

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GEt Certified

The decision to become a BARE® Workout Instructor is the first step towards joining our community of in-demand fitness professionals and group exercise instructors from around the world who have a solid understanding of barefoot science, body weight training and body tension

Created by Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal BARE® is the only workout that combines the benefits of barefoot science, balance training and body tension for one intelligent and intense workout!

Benefits of becoming a Certified BARE® Instructor

  • Increase your income potential by teaching the only workout that combines barefoot training and barefoot balance principles.
  • Promote yourself as a barefoot fitness specialist trained by EBFA - The Global Leaders in Barefoot Science.  
  • Get listed on the EBFA "Find a BARE® Instructor"page to improve your local and national exposure.
  • Get access to the EBFA Global Online Portal for the latest in barefoot training research, barefoot exercises and discussions with other health and fitness professionals.

Requirements to become a BARE® Instructor

While anyone is welcome to attend any of our educational workshops, there are certain requirements for becoming a Certified BARE® Instructor.

  1. Candidate must hold a current, Nationally-Accredited (NCAA) Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Certification or hold an advanced degree such as ATC, LMT, MS, DPT, DC, DPM, MD
  2. Candidate must attend a BARE® Workout Certification 
  3. Candidate must pass the BARE® Workout Certification Exam. BARE® Workout  Certification Exam is a 35 quesiton/50 point online exam.
  4. Candidate will have 2 attempts and must have a passing score of at least 70%

For any questions on the BARE® Workout Certification requirements and examination process please contact,