Do you employ at least one Certified Barefoot Training Specialist®?

With EBFA's Barefoot Training Specialist® Program now in over 21 countries, 7 continents and translated into 9 languages it is time to celebrate those facilities who are making barefoot training principles a key feature in all their training programs and into the mission of their training facility.

By holding the official seal or identity as an Accredited Barefoot Training Facility you are advertising to your members and clients that you believe in evidence-based principles and the safety of progressive barefoot training. It also demonstrates that you understand and believe that barefoot training far exceeds that of simply running.

By becoming an Accredited Barefoot Training Facility you must believe in the benefits of barefoot training as a form of neuromuscular training.

What Does it take to be an Accredited Barefoot Training Facility?

To become listed as an Accredited Barefoot Training Facility you must:

  1. Employ at least one Barefoot Training Specialist®.
  2. Advertise on your website or in programming that you promote or encourage members and clients to train sans footwear or at least warm-up without shoes.
  3. Be a facility that is set up for evidence-based programming which means you must demonstrate an understanding for different surfaces and how each can positively or negatively effect barefoot training benefits.
  4. Integrate the Barefoot Training Specialist® or Accredited Barefoot Training Facility logo on your website and in your facility so that potential members and clients are made aware of your mission to spread the importance of barefoot training.
  5. Apply to become accredited through EBFA Global as well as agree to the mission statement of EBFA Global for the greater benefit of barefoot training.
  6. Remit payment for annual membership fee. Membership fee includes listing on EBFA Global's site, access to online portal, welcome kit includes logos and t-shirts and discount to all future EBFA Global workshops.

Apply to become an Accredited Barefoot Training Facility please contact